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Whether you’re experiencing your first home or your fourth, it should be just the way you want it. That’s why you can count on Security Tech, Inc. to give you the comfort and quality you expect from a Smart Automation Security Control, at a price you can afford.

What You Get...

  • Arm/Disarm
  • Area Chime
  • Sensor Status (No Limit)
  • Streaming Video (16 Cameras)
  • Recorded Video Clips (up to 16,000)
  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Email Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Z-Wave Dimmer Support (No Limit)
  • Z-Wave Switch Support (No Limit)
  • Z-Wave Thermostat Support (No Limit)
  • Z-Wave Lock Support (No Limit)
  • Z-Wave Garage Door Controller (No Limit)
  • Rapid-Pulse – Entry Protection
  • System Event History (1024)
  • User Setup and Management
  • Automated Scenes (16)
  • Geo-Location
  • Multi-Lingual App
  • Schedule and Holiday Setup
  • Remote Panel Firmware Upgrades
  • Batch Panel Firmware Upgrades
  • Multiple Area Control
  • Multiple Site Control
  • Full Remote Panel Programming via Portal
  • Complete System Control –from anywhere–

UltraSync Portal

  • Remote Programming
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades
  • System Status
  • Account Management

The Typical Radio Based System has to do the computing, which leads to a delay in processing info driven by your Smart Device

UltraSync has a built-in Web Server which allows the Cloud to act more like a mirror for a greatly improved processing speed and  response time.

Up to…

  • 64 Sensors (Zones)
  • 20 Keyfobs
  • 256 Users
  • 4 Partitions
  • Z-Wave Integration
  • Camera Integration (x16)

Advanced Automation Logic

  • Boolean Logic: IF (1,2,3,4), THEN (X)
  • Automate Security, Lights, Locks, Stats and Notifications
  • Create up to 16 different Scenes
  • Create up to 32 different Actions
  • Combine Over 108 Inputs and Outputs

A Few Examples:

If I enter my home between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m….

  • Turn on my main floor lights to 50%

As I’m walking up to my house, I hit the disarm button on my Key fob…

  • Unlock the deadbolt
  • Turn on my main floor lights
  • Disarm my security system
  • Relock my door after it is shut.

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