Why Motion Detectors Work and Are a Critical Part of Home Security

With the increase in crimes, people are becoming vigilant about enhancing their home security systems; this is where motion detectors and motion sensors come in. While many people feel that installing such systems is invasive, protecting yourself and your loved ones against potential harm is critical.

Let’s dive in and see why motion detectors work and why they are an integral part of any home security system.

How Motion Sensors Work

As the name suggests, motion sensors detect any unusual movement in the required spaces. While different kinds of sensors have carrying technologies, they deliver similar results. The most common one, Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR), actually contains two sensors. The first one reads the temperature of the space under normal circumstances. The second one monitors any sudden changes to the temperature, detecting any movements.

Other types of motion detectors make use of microwaves that measure the reflection rate of the objects to know the distance. If any movement occurs, the sensor registers it as motion.

Dual technology detectors, which combine PIR and microwave technology, reduce false alarms. These detectors are effective since each sensor verifies the other and only sounds an alarm if movement is detected on both of them. Residents of Plantation, Florida, can check out Security Tech Inc for a range of motion detectors.

Why Motion Detectors Are Important for Home Security

Motion detectors are critical to home security, especially in today’s era. These sensors can be placed even on the furthest boundary of your home, such as the gate or light above your driveway.

Motion detector technology that comes with cameras will not only alert you about an intruder. However, they will also capture their appearance. This can prevent them from committing any criminal activity, and the footage can help local authorities.

Preventing a potential intrusion is a crucial component of home security and can be fulfilled by deploying motion sensors. They detect any unwanted presence of humans or wild animals and trigger an alarm to alert you.

Recent advancements in technology have enabled ease of use to manage your home security. Hand-held devices such as smartphones are now able to access and integrate motion sensors in your home and give timely updates.

Where Can Motion Detector Technology Be Handy

Motion detectors are used for a variety of security functions in your home. While there is a range of motion sensors that cater to customized security needs, a few typical applications are:

Security Lighting: The motion detector will trigger an alarm if an intruder has trespassed onto your property. Alongside this, it will also flash security lights throughout the space to ensure the intruder doesn’t have any space to hide.
Motion Detector Cameras: They offer the same function as regular CCTV cameras but with the added facility of triggering an alarm when any unapproved entry is observed.
Intruder Alarms: These are the most common sensors that let homeowners know if unauthorized entry was made into their property.

Tips for Installation

When installing motion sensors in your home, there are certain tips that, when followed, enhance your home security system. Let’s have a look.

It is wise to utilize corners so that the sensors can cover the maximum area. Mounting them high up will ensure safety and efficiency. Additionally, place the sensors opposite the entrance – be it the rooms or main hallway entrance. This will help detect the intruders right away.

If you have pets, it is recommended to purchase motion sensors that come with pet-immune settings. The sensors can register your pet’s presence and avoid triggering a false alarm. You can also place the sensor at a height your pet can’t reach.

Lastly, if your motion detector uses infrared energy waves, avoid blocking the sensor. Things such as furniture can create a shadow and block the sensor’s ability to cover that area.

Parting Words

Motion detectors are an integral part of your home security system that work most effectively with other components. Using these motion detectors in conjunction with lights or sirens is a highly reliable way of scaring off intruders. Plantation, Florida residents can access the full range of sensors available at Security Tech Inc and choose the one that works best for them.

The latest motion detector technology is ideal for giving way to smart home solutions. Your security systems can be configured to your phone, allowing ease of use and access. These detectors help improve peace of mind and give your home a feeling of comfort and security.