3 Tips to Ensure a Safe & Secure 4th of July

It’s time to celebrate Independence Day – that means cookouts, fireworks, and vacations. With a few simple precautions, you can help reduce thefts, false alarms, and even your pets stress levels too!

1) Avoid False Alarms 

Did you know that July 4th is one of the busier times for alarm monitoring companies? Fireworks are fun, but their loud sounds and vibrations can also set off your security systems glass-break sensors. If you know there will be fireworks being set off near your home; you can bypass your glass-break sensors for a single night to avoid any false alarms. Not sure how? Call us at 954-587-8324, and we will help you figure it out.

Fire safety is also a heightened concern this time of year. Real and false alarms can happen when you combine fireworks and barbecues. Your monitored smoke detector can accidentally go off from a barbecue getting a little too smoky.

Remember the basics, keep a fire extinguisher close by, if you don’t have one, at the very least, keep a hose or bucket of water near all the fun.  Don’t forget to keep fireworks out of young children’s hands, and make sure the older kids are well supervised.  Don’t be the news story you hear every year!

2) Pet Safety 

Some things are irreplaceable! Make sure that you don’t forget about your pets’ comfort and safety. Pets can easily be overwhelmed with all the activity of guests, noise, lights, and smells.

July 4th has one of the highest days of reported pets missing. Consider leaving your pets at home when you go to parties, a fireworks display, parades, and other gatherings. Loud fireworks, unfamiliar places, and crowds can all be very frightening to pets, and there is a greater risk of pets becoming spooked and running away.

If you’re hosting guests, ask them to help keep an eye on your pets to make sure they don’t escape. Placing notes on exit doors and gates can help both you and your guests remain vigilant.

3) Theft 

With all the distractions of a boisterous holiday, it isn’t uncommon for someone to walk into a big party unnoticed. Professional burglars and unethical people alike can easily take other’s belongings when everyone is busy celebrating. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a connected video doorbell! You can always know who’s at your door and communicate with them right from your smartphone.

Additionally, the loud noise of fireworks is a perfect foil for thieves looking to break into homes and vehicles. The simplest deterrent is to arm your alarm. You wouldn’t believe how many customers do not set their alarms and only begin doing so after a robbery. Make sure if you’ll be out for the night or vacationing, to set your alarm!

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

By taking a few safe and simple steps, you can easily reduce your chances of having an avoidable situation or a false alarm. If you want to know more, call us at 954-587-8324, and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions about your system. You don’t have to be a customer to join our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, where we share information to stay safe and secure year-round!