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Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are an integral part of an alarm system. These are devices that detect the movement and activity of others around you. The motion detector works as the eyes and ears of the alarm system using the latest technology. 

Here is an overview of the motor detectors we use to offer you the best security solutions.


There are two types of motion sensors available that produce excellent results these include

Passive infrared: This system uses your body heat to monitor when someone or something is entering restricted areas. It detects the movement and heat using a protective grid for the area it covers. When a moving object blocks out to many of these grids, these motion detectors alert you of the situation. 

Microwave: The microwave motion detectors measure the reflection from a pulse that is sent out to a large area. When there is a change in the pulse sequence the motion detector notifies you of what is happening. The microwave motion detector is more expensive and it covers a wider area. 

We recommend visiting with us to help you select the best motion detectors for your home or business. 

Security Tech offers the most state-of-the-art solutions. We monitor for things such as broken windows, smoke, carbon monoxide, doors, and any movement when the motion detectors are activated. We give you peace of mind and the solutions that help you to monitor your property.

The Lesser Know Motion Detectors

Technology makes it possible to place motion detectors in locations that no one will know. We use this motion detector equipment to survey the area and identify what is happening. You have three different motion detector options including

Area sensors: These sensors transmit infrared rays using an LED light. A break in the rays sends back a reflection that lets the system know someone is close by. 

Vibration sensors: A vibration sensor detects small noises that people create when going into an area. It looks at the vibrations to notify you that someone is approaching. 

Ultrasonic motion: This motion detector uses ultrasonic waves that measure the reflection of moving objects. A break in the pulses of waves lets the system know that someone is nearby. 

We recommend these solutions if you want to monitor everything without anyone noticing. 

Security Tech is the best place for getting the most state of the detectors, equipment, and motion detector lights. We serve all of Broward County and will help you to find a solution that works for you. No one is more knowledgeable than our trained and experienced staff.

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